Auditing the Sustainability of Public Spaces

Very soon ASPIS’ products will be ready to be piloted. If you belong to one of the project’s target group (architect or planner, university student, secondary school student or general public) and you want to be part of the piloting please, contact us.

Can’t you wait more? Try now the learning tools already available.

Prototype of Star Rating Tool: a tool allowing students, teachers and the general public to rank a public space, by evaluation of some criteria (named also items) describing the sustainability of a target public space.

Memory Game: a very simple version of the classic memory card game, aiming to introduce the terminology used to identify the categories of the sustainability criteria and indicators.

Try the prototype here.

GBL Tool: game-based (a “serious game”), allowing the learner to interact with the defined list of sustainability criteria and assess or construct a given plan of an open space, appropriately described and illustrated on the screen adding a simulated negotiation process among those who hold an interest (“stakes”) in it.

Click here to watch the introduction.

Find out more on ASPIS products in this blog and on the official project website.

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