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Exploring rural development partnerships in Europe

Authors: Esparcia, Moseley, Noguera; Year: 2000

Local Partnerships for Rural Development: the European Experience

Edited by: Moseley; Year: 2003

Estrategias locales de captación profesional y desarrollo local: el caso de Gandia, España (Local strategies of professional recruitment and local development: the case for Gandia, Spain)

Author: Joan Noguera Tur; Year 2009

An analysis on the subjective perception of policy action on peripherality:a comparative assessment

in accessible and peripheral areas of six countries of the EU

Author: Joan Noguera Tur; Year: 2009

Viabilidad y competitividad del sistema citricola valenciano (Viability and competetiveness of Valencian citrus system)

Author: Joan Noguera Tur; Year: 2010

Indicator system to evaluate local development

Authors:  Noguera, Cosin, Valero, Ferrandis; Year: 2010

Local and regional development (Spanish)

Authors: Pike, Rodríguez Pose, Tomaney; Year: 2011

Translation: Noguera Tur, Joan

Restoration and valorization plan of cultura reources in Tavernes de la Valldigna (Spanish)

Authors: Noguera, Ferrandis, Riera; Year: 2011

Gandia y sus prácticas de renovación turística

Authors: Obiol, Ferrandis, Year:  2012

Nueve estudios hispano-cubanos sobre desarrollo local

Authors: Ferrandis, Betancourt (ed.), Year:  2015

Promoción económica y empleo

Authors: Noguera, Year: 2015